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We are a business that has mastered in offering caliber and nutritious wheat-based products, for example, Sooji, Dalia, Flour and more.

About Us:

We started our business under the name “Ganesh Grains Limited” to benefit customers by offering high-quality and pure wheat-based products such as Sattu, Dalia, Atta, Besan and more products. Each commodity is produced in our factories that are eight in number. In addition, each grain of wheat is selected by hi-tech machines that successfully expel broken and damaged grains. As to conserve the nutrition value, every commodity passes under our effectively installed packaging machine. What’s more, our packaging and we have obtained supremacy by coming to number one position in the market. Our company has its foundation for more than 80 years and customers have proven that we, Ganesh Grains Limited, are the favorite among the families. 

Within five states, namely- Assam, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal, we have successfully opened more than fifty thousand outlets for the customers. We have eight factories to suit every demand of the market. In addition, we possess five warehouses, where we store our manufactured commodity under vigil supervision till the delivery to the customers. Every task and challenge has been complete because of our sincere twelve hundred employees, who work dedicatedly towards bringing fame and goodwill for our company.