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Currently, our company is venturing in seven different North-Eastern sister states such as Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland. In addition, we have covered our Nation’s Northern States such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, NCR and Delhi. 

Business Channels:

Owing to the quality of our products, we receive bulk orders on frequent basis. We are proficient in delivering bulk products in a timely fashion. Our product range is successfully accessible to customer through numerous business channels. We ensure that some products are always kept in stock to fulfill urgent orders. Some of the channels through which customers can avail our products are mentioned below:

  • B2B / Exports
  • General Trade / Traditional Trade
  • Modern Trade
  • Ready stock unit 

Worthy of Praise Infrastructure

The functions of our company are executed within  the premises which is not only developed over a large area, but is also integrated with highly advanced processing machines and tools. This facility is further parted in several departments and each one of these units work in a streamlined manner so that we can respectively suffice the requirements of customers who seek to source Chana Besan, Sooji, Rice, etc. In our infrastructure we have regulated norms and strict production guidelines, so that quality of each product remains intact until dispatch.

Changing for Betterment

We believe that constant innovation can lead to refined customer experience and better customer retention. We strive to enhance our products in a positive manner and perform better than we were performing yesterday on each new day. We never miss an opportunity to welcome any change which can help us in improving ourselves and make us, a company, better than any other. Our organization is receptive to new ideas and suggestion and try to implement them if feasible.

A Commendable Team

... Giving space for 1400 employees we make sure that not only we produce in large numbers but also never fail to meet the demands of customers. The manufacturing facility is managed by highly experienced personnel who ensures that all the activities are carried out in a proper manner to produce Chana Besan, Sooji, Rice and every other product of quality unmatched by any other company. Some of the employees working in our premises are mentioned below:-
  • Accounting Experts
  • Logistics Staff
  • Quality Checking Personnel
  • Marketing Executives

An Undying Ambition

So far, we have remarkably achieved the foretold objective, as we are a name which is renowned across the world for serving customers the most praiseworthy quality agro products. Yet, we are still highly motivated to achieve more and will to satisfy and make strong relationships with each customer who comes to us. This undying ambition to retain our position for a long duration of time is the source of motivation for us. We have been constantly trying to become a better version of us by performing what is expected of us.